Profiles Show Supply
Profiles Show Supply
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Profiles is an authorized mobile dealer for Supplivan Supply. Below is a sample of some of the items we carry. Please call or visit Sullivan Supply for a full line of products that we carry.

Andis Handy
Andis LG-S
Andis Ultra Edge 2 Speed
Aesculap Hairhead Clippers


Lister Star
Lister Legend
Premier 4000
Premier 4000- Sheephead

Full line of Premier, Andis, Wahl/Lister, Oster, Sullivan & Aesculap Blades



Sullivans Cadillac, Hybrid,
Aluminum & Steel
Sullivans Show Rail
Lamb Tubes
Heavy Duty Regular
Mesh Butt
Vinyl Neck Blankets
Hoof Trimmers
Sullivans Sheep Halters
Wool Cards
BNB Hand Shears
Sullivans Top Gun, Silk, Wonder Wool, White Pearl, & White Out



Sullivan's 20 & 24" Turbo Fans

24" Showbarn Fan

Sullivan's 24"
Livestock Fan

Sullivan's Fan Stand Truck

Sullivan's Short Fan Stand Truck

Sullivan's Upright Fan Stand



Sullivan's Air Express III
Available In Many Colors!
Sullivan's Totally Tuned Double Blower Cart

Blower Replacement Parts Are Available!
We also sell used blowers and will take yours in trade!!



Sullivan's Hair Wizard
Sullivan's Smart Comb
Sullivans Roto Fluffer
Sullivans Horse Hair Show Pig Brush

Sullivan Combs



Sullivans Tail Adhesive, Sullivans Prime Time Adhesive, Sullivans Black Prime Time Adhesive, Sulliivans Ez Comb Adhesive, Sullivans Formula 1 Adhesive

Touch Up Paints &
Leg Builders
Sullivans Shampoos
Black Velvet
Hair Dye



Sullivan's 7 &8 ft. Aluminum, Hybrid & Cadillac Steel Chutes
New Titan Showbox
Sullivans Upright Dolly Box
Sullivans Showcase Show Box
Fan Cages & Stall Dividers Available



White Handle Whip with Chrome Tip
Neon Pig Pipe
Sullivans Pig Face Brush
Pump Up Sprayer

Sullivans Sudden Impact
Sullivans Swine Shine
Poly Sorting Panel
Clip On Hanging Feeders



Sullivans Ultra White
Touch Up
Goody Topline Brush
Andi Pro
Professional Dryer

Profiles Show Supply
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